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Joel Trammell is a veteran software CEO and author of The CEO Tightrope, a guide to mastering the role of chief executive.

He is the founder and chairman of Khorus Software, maker of the first software designed to support the CEO role. To learn more about Khorus, visit www.khorus.com.

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Management Fundamentals

One single skilled manager can do an immense amount of good for an organization. She can unlock her team’s full potential and serve as a conduit to the rest of the organization, causing a halo effect that improves everyone’s performance.

Management Fundamentals lays out the ten practices of effective managers. We’ve kept these practices actionable and current, covering the crucial nuances of managing knowledge workers.

Inside, you'll find:

  • Best practices your management team can act on today
  • Ways to implement a consistent management style 
  • Solutions for the 21st-century workforce
  • A resource for your organization
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