Setting goals for your company isn't a walk in the park — in fact, it can feel pretty complex and challenging. But we're here with a resource that will give you a proven process for getting it right.

This guide started out as a simple slide deck to help our customers create well-formed goals. Over time, it's grown into a full guide to the goal-setting process, based on established best practices and our own experience as executives and executive coaches. Inside, you'll find:

  • a specific framework for writing your company goals,
  • exercises to generate goal ideas,
  • a process for aligning goals companywide, and
  • full sets of sample goals and metrics for various functions.

About the Author

Joel Trammell is a veteran software CEO and author of The CEO Tightrope, a guide to mastering the role of chief executive.

He is the founder and chairman of Khorus Software, maker of the first software designed to support the CEO role. To learn more about Khorus, visit

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Executive Goal Setting 101

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