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Strategy Execution Made Simple

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Goal Setting Strategy

$7,500   $2,999

Executive team session to build alignment and set strategic goals

Companywide session on effective 
goal setting

Hands-on feedback on goals, metrics, and alignment

Comprehensive training on best use of Khorus software

Manager coaching on delivering feedback and performance reviews


CEO coaching session on goal-setting best practices and common mistakes


FREE until 6/30/2019


Record and publish company strategy, mission, and vision

Set specific, measurable company objectives

Cascade goals down to people and 
teams—and ensure accountability

Track execution weekly with 
at-a-glance workforce insights

Ensure that employees get regular feedback and coaching from managers

Take advantage of interactive org chart and employee profiles

Khorus gives me exactly what I need as CEO. I get a visual indicator of where we stand on our strategic objectives.

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with purchase of discounted goal-setting training package

It adds up to an average 80% achievement rate of strategic objectives for Khorus customers!

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